Student Made A Scooter That Can Be Folded Up To The Size Of An A4 Piece Of Paper

Now a days, big thing are coming in small packages, thanks to science and technology. And this might be the best example of the saying – London-based university student George Mabey has created such a scooter which can be folded up to the size of an A4 piece of paper!

George Mabey With Folding Scooter

Until now, you might have seen many tiny and folding scooters, but not like this. 22-year-old Mabey has designed such a small scooter that it can fit inside a handbag, and could go on sale soon.

George Mabey's Scooter

This scooter weighs less than 11lbs (5 kg). Just like a conventional scooter, it measures 37 inches (95 cm) in height when fully extended, but folds up to a tiny 11.7 inches (29.7 cm) in length and 8.3 inches (21 cm) in width when collapsed – exactly the same size as a sheet of A4 paper.

Folding Scooter

George Mabey unveiled this scooter at London South Bank University as part of its Product Design and Engineering Product Design degree show. Note that, for creating this scooter, Mabey has won the top prize of of £1,000 at the Power of Aluminium Awards.

Folding Scooter Of Maybe

Mabey said, “Having my work acknowledged at the awards and recognized by the industry is the icing on the cake. It’s a great way to finish my time at university.”

On the other side, Simon MacVicker, president of the Aluminium Federation who hosted the awards, said, “This year’s awards have really demonstrated the immense talent among young people. The creativity is outstanding.”

It is true that at this moment, there’s no other scooter that is so small and can be fit in a handbag. So from that point of view, it is expected that this scooter will be sold several times than that of a standard scooter. Lets wait and see to what extent Mabey’ scooter stirs people.

Courtesy: Daily Mail

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