Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV

Microsoft plans for IPTV and set-top boxes continue to trickle out ith the latest batch of rumors suggesting it’s Mediaroom which will be at the heart of the system and Mediaroom rumors could put Microsoft IPTV on the fast track to success……

Microsoft IPTV is connected to Microsoft Mediaroom.Microsoft licenses Mediaroom to TV and video service providers like AT&T, CenturyLink, Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone, so they can provide entertainment services and apps for TVs, PCs and mobile devices. Microsoft launched its Mediaroom 2.0 offering at the CES a year ago with promising more and better experiences across different screens.Microsoft working on a Mediaroom for Windows Phone client, that is said to be codenamed Rome.There is also a Silverlight for Mediaroom project codenamed Taos.And there’s even some kind of tie-up between Mediaroom and Media Center coming. That project is codenamed Monaco.Given all these set-top/IPTV-related projects, it’s not hard to see why Microsoft is guarding its patents on program time guides, TV program scheduling system, preview system and program delivery technology. IPTV is going to become a bigger component of Microsoft’s entertainment line-up in the coming year.


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