Google’s New Smart Contact Lens Can Measure Glucose Levels

Google has unveiled a new smart contact lens which is equipped with a sensor and a tiny wireless chip. These internals allow the contact lens to measure the glucose level of the wearer.

Google's Smart Contact Lens

It would appear that Google foresees a future in wearable computers and is already spending its research resources to that end. The smart contact lens are still a research project at Google X, the division where some of the search giant’s most ground-breaking research work is being done.

Google smart contact lens

According to Google, it is still working on the smart contact lens and in the future, intends to pack a small LED light in it. This light would be used as a signal to the wearer if his/her glucose levels dip too low or rise too high. It remains to be seen whether this light will be used as simply a blinking signal or the information will be relayed from the contact lens to another machine or device, such as a smartphone.

Interestingly, the company is also in talks with FDA over the smart contact lens and may soon grab a commercial and medical approval for the product. That clearly shows that this is not just a research project and Google has all plans of spinning the smart contact lens into a commercially viable product. Put it next to Google Glass and you realize that the company is planning to dominate the coming era of wearable computers.

Courtesy: Google (Blog)
Thanks To: TechCrunch

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