Researchers Developed A Smartphone That Can Be Charged By Sound

Battery life is one of the most critical issues for smartphone vendors and users. Until now, we have seen so many amazing technologies to recharge phones in a smart way and shortly. And now, a team of scientists from the Queen Mary University of London in collaboration with Nokia has developed such a smartphone that can be charged by sound.

Car Horn Charging Phone

The phone has been built based on a concept called the piezoelectric effect. This concept was proposed by Korean scientists four years. The phone has a size of Nokia Lumia 925. It is filled with energy-harvesting ‘nanogenerators’ that can react to sound vibrations and create electricity. In other word, the phone is able to convert ambient sounds such as traffic noise, talking or loud music, into electricity.

Ben Coxworth has said, “In order to harvest the voltage generated, the nanorod sheet was sandwiched between two electrical contact sheets. Whereas these contacts would typically be made from gold, the researchers developed a cost-cutting technique that allowed them to use ordinary aluminium foil instead.”

Researchers have said that they successfully generated five volts of electricity in this method which is enough to charge a mobile.

Source: Queen Mary University of London
Thanks To: Gizmag

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