Motorola Solutions HC1: An Excellently Designed, Modular Head-Mounted Computer

Head-mounted computers may not have a very vast commercial appeal, but they are surely very useful tools for those who need to keep their hands free. Unveiled at the CES event, Motorola Solutions HC1 is a modular head-mounted computer which comes with an excellent design and programmable features.

Motorola Solutions HC1

We saw similar head-mounted gear shown off during the last year’s CES event. But Motorola Solutions HC1 is a notch better than that. For a start, it has a far better, cleaner design and includes inner padding which can be easily removed.

The padding is velcro-attached, so if a user is tooling the head-gear, he can comfortably adjust it as per his needs. Other modules can also be detached. For instance, if you have no need for voice commands, you can take off the speaker module.

To tweak with the settings of HC1, you can use the user-programmable button. Moreover, it includes an eyepiece which comes with a flexible boom so as to enable the user to adjust the position of the LCD. Whereas that’s most of what the new hardware packs, the technology running on the gear is more or less the same as last year.

There’s a certain element of networking added to the software, though. You can, for instance, share your view with your co-worker. In an emergency, such a feature can be of immense help. Motorola Solutions HC1 can be quite useful for industries such as mining where headgear itself is a must. A sprinkle of technology can go a long way to make the workplace safer in such cases.

Courtesy: Engadget

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