So the Apollo 11 Consipiracy Theory is False!

For over two decades, conspiracy theoriests have cried foul over the American claim of conquering the moon. But the restored video footage released by NASA recently seems to end the controversy. A NASA official claims in an offical press conference that the video released is not altered or created but only the restoration of the original video.

So far, the arguments presented by the conpiracy theorists were mainly

– how come the astronauts being seen to walk on the moon when the gravitational force of the moon is one-sixth compared to the earth.

– how come the flag of USA waved when there is no air on the moon.

While NASA have presented counter arguments for both, only the later one seems to be justified to a bit. But the former one is still creating waves into thhe brains of the theorists.

NASA Apollo 11  Footage

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