Sony Introduces Electric Power Outlets

Sony still has the potential to come up with some very innovative, eco-friendly ideas. The latest release from Sony is that of an electric power outlet. The outlet is able to identify the appliances and electronics that are plugged into it for electric power. This outlet is a potential business avenue for electric power suppliers.

This new technology that has been introduced by Sony makes use of FeliCa noncontact IC card technology. The plug that is used in this entire setup has a noncontact IC chip which contains the relevant information of the appliance. The outlet is embedded with an IC card reader. The result is that whenever an appliance is plugged to the power source, the power source is able to identify the user.

One excellent application of such a power outlet could be that users can be charged electronically, on the basis of data gathered from their appliances and the amount of power their appliances are provided. Such a piece of hardware can be usefully deployed at, let’s say, at a cafe where people can be charged instantly for having their smartphone devices and other electronics charged on the go.

More importantly, this product can help users consume energy more efficiently by letting them know the exact amounts of energy being consumed by their respective devices.

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