NASA Funds Project To Build 3D Food Printer

Have you ever seen a food ad on TV so compelling that you began craving that particular dish or snack? With the help of 3D printer innovations, one day that dream could be a reality. Recently, NASA has donated a $125,000 fund to mechanical engineer Anjan Contractor, head of Systems & Materials Research Corporation, to develop a 3D food printer that would be able to create a variety of edibles from common materials.

3D Food Printer

The machine would work like any other 3D printer, but instead of sending a design to the 3D printer, you will send a recipe with precise ingredients and measurements. The 3D printer will be using cartridges of powder and oils. It will allow the food to be stored for long periods of time (up to 30 years) without spoiling.

SMRC 3D Printer

The printer will start being built in two weeks, and once it’s been built, Contractor will attempt to print a pizza comprised of three layers of nutritional powders mixed with water and oil out first. Here’s a video.

Thanks To: Business Insider

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  1. Tsais

    If we could trust the corporations that make the ingredients, it would be a glorious invention. I talked with friends about such a possibility in the 90s already while waiting for a slow inkjet to finish printing so we could go to lunch…

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