Spot 4G and Spot 4G+ WiMAX

Clearwire and Sprint are plowing forward with the build out of their joint WiMax network. Both companies already have several different devices that can be used to access both the WiMax 4G and Sprint’s EVDO 3G network. Today, they added to the pile of 4G modems with a handful of new goodies…….

KIRKLAND, Wash., Jul 07, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Clearwire Corporation (CLWR 7.09, -0.03, -0.42%) , a leading provider of wireless broadband services, today announced the in-store and online availability of the CLEAR Spot 4G and CLEAR Spot 4G+ mobile hot spots. The company also announced that it has begun filling pre-orders for both devices.

The CLEAR Spot 4G and CLEAR Spot 4G+ bring super fast speeds and 4G connectivity to Wi-Fi enabled laptops, netbooks, smartphones, portable gaming and other connected devices — without the worries or hassles of tiered or capped data usage plans.

Clearwire on Wednesday began shipping its 4G mobile routers first introduced last month. Either is available online or in stores, and let users share their WiMAX data connection wirelessly with up to eight compatible devices on the Spot 4G and as many as five with the Spot 4G+. The Spot 4G can only support WiMAX networks, however, while the Spot 4G+ gets both it and Sprint’s 3G network access.

The CLEAR Spot 4G is a personal mobile hotspot allowing users to easily and securely share unlimited super fast Internet access anywhere CLEAR has coverage simultaneously with up to eight Wi-Fi-enabled devices. The CLEAR Spot 4G costs $99.99 or can be leased for $4.99 a month. Monthly CLEAR service plans start at $40 per month.

The CLEAR Spot 4G+ allows power users and road warriors to stay connected across the U.S. by automatically switching from 4G and connecting to Sprint’s 3G nationwide network outside the 4G coverage area. The CLEAR Spot 4G+ enables users to securely share the connection with up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices at the same time. The CLEAR Spot 4G+ costs $224.99 or can be leased for $5.99 a month. Monthly CLEAR service plans start at $55 per month.

While other major carriers including AT&T and Verizon with constrained 3G networks rush to implement data caps, Clearwire continues to offer (at least for now) its 4G service without any restrictions.  This can be important, especially when sharing a 4G connection with other devices and users.

Apart from the two 4G USB modems that were introduced by the company in the past for Macs, it is now offering the Clear 4G+ mobile USB which is a dual-mode 4G/3G modem available for Mac users. The device flaunts the ability to automatically operate with Sprint’s 3G network across the U.S. It is compatible with MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks functioning with versions 10.5.x and 10.6.x of Mac OS X. The Clear 4G+ mobile USB also supports 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows XP SP2, Vista and 7 OS.The Clear 4G+ mobile USB will be available across Atlanta, Dallas, Hawaii and Harrisburg, Lancaster, Reading and York.


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  1. ClearBlog

    Goodies galore! Users are already reporting to us at @Clear about the new ClearSpots – with two iPhones and an iPad! ( Check out Clear's Official Blog for a comparison chart and info about all of our new devices.


  2. josh

    how do i connect to xbox live with the 4G Wimax flash drive

  3. Jlc17_91

    How do I connect my ps3 and iPhone 4 to my clear 4g hotspot

  4. slow computer

    I’ve had too many nightmare scenarios with Sprint. I’d rather have a 3G with Verizon than anything with Sprint’s name on it, no matter how many G’s it has.

  5. Karla_cracy

    I can’t connect my clear hot spot to my desktop or my laptop and idk why I use it with my ps3 n wii also my mobil phone and iPod 4 but won’t work in my windows 7 any afvise

  6. Sapbwkannan

    Be careful on what information you give before buying.

    1. They look like a good competitor to Verizon (based on reviews).
    2. They sales methodology is so horrible and bad.
    3. They have no option on their website to give the cost of the MIFI Gadget , its only the price that made to LURE web visitor to call them
    4. Once you call them , you are subjected to go through hell before getting any information from the person who ever comes on the line.
    5. I was on the line for close to 10 mts and didnt get any quote!!!
    6. He took my phone number address zip code .
    7. Still i didnt get a quote
    8. I got suspicious when he asked if my home was rented or own
    9. Then he wanted to know of the current service provider—Which is not required ….this guys sounded like a nosy / inquisitive / curious or fishing for information on finding out which service provider i am using.
    10. I didnt like this because i was already on the phone for so long and he was not interested in giving me a quote.
    11. He wanted my SSN to give me a price quote and cost of the MIFI Gadget !!!

    Something’s not right here and certainly shouldnt ask for SSN to give a price quote or for the cost of the mifi gadget.

    Hope Clear Spot has some good explanation for this and could publish on their website why they are asking for SSN to give a price quote and how the personal information is being handled.

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