Curly Cable For iPhone & iPad is Now Reality Via KickStarter

Did you also felt your iPhone or iPad cable is too small? And you dont want the hassle for carrying a 5 feet cable. Then Curly cable might be best option for you. But there is no Curly cable for Apple device, so what? Here comes this handy Curly Cable for Apple device. Like a lot of dedicated Apple user Luca Mainini-Manuel Manuel also felt that, and they made the project ready and got 800%+ funded in KickStarter already even 40 days before the end date. Here we have a details, video and how you could also get one very cheap.

Curly Cable

What is Curly Cable – Specification:
Name says what it is. Its curly cable. Its for all Apple device that use USB interface. The Curly Cable never tangles and extends. Its from 8 inches to 70 inches (5′ 10″) that for European is 20cm to 180cm.


You could use it various way, check this video first

Curly Cable it’s long enough to relax on a couch and ….

keep talking for hours with your friends
surfing the web all night…
watching a movie (without draining the batteries)
or playing your favorite video game no-stop!

Supported Device:

How You could Get One?

This project is still on KickStarter, though its already got over 800% funded and still 40 days left in KickStarter. From KickStarter page (link here) you could just pledge $15 and get one Original Curly Cable. Its great chance as when the project is complete, then Luca Mainini-Manuel Manuel will sell it on their site and it will surely cost a lot more.

Actually this is already very successful project, even one of the most funded project in KickStarter. Alot of people also pledged on this project thats why its already 800%+ funded. I myself also think its a very useable and much needed thing. It help a lot Apple device user in a lot ways. Thats why we shared this story with our readers.

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