Homeless Man Learns Coding, Launches His Own Mobile App

Patrick McConlogue of Medium created a lot of headlines a while ago when he decided to give coding lessons to a homeless man. McConlogue decided to give Leo one-hour coding lessons for eight weeks. At the end of these lessons, Leo is doing so well that he is about launch his very first mobile app.


The whole episode is very incredible, especially because McConlogue has been keeping track of Leo’s progress through different social media pages. This lead a number of major publications such as Business Insider to interview Leo and see how he is doing with the coding lessons.

Originally, McConlogue offered Leo with two options – he could either get $100 in cash and do whatever he wanted with them; or he could have a laptop equipped with 3G connectivity together with three JavaScript books and coding lessons. Leo chose the latter and now, it seems that he made the wiser decision.

Leo and Patrick McConlogue

McConlogue did a blog post about the whole incident which essentially made Leo a famous person. He was then able to charge his laptop at Google’s NYC buildings and over time, he mastered at least a part of coding skills.


In fact, his coding is so well now that Leo is all set to launch a mobile app of his own. He has an interest in environmental issues and as such, his app is also related to that. Although we know that the app is called ‘Go Green’, Leo hasn’t divulged any more details about the app so far. We’ll keep an eye on this one and inform you as soon as the app is released.

Check this Facebook page – facebook.com/journeymanchallenge

Courtesy: PSFK; Medium

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