Leanplum Released, A/B Testing For Mobile Apps Made Easy

Remember Leanplum? The TechStars Seattle graduate startup by two ex googlers. They are on a mission to make A/B testing for Mobile Apps simple. They started their journey like a year ago, after several months of successful private beta test, they just came live, available for all from yesterday. One side note, they kept one free package for app developer. Check details inside.


Ex-Google employees Momchil Kyurkchiev and Andrew First worked in Google Analytics for years. They left Google to start Leanplum, a company focused to help App developer to do easy A/B testing. Service like Optimizely is well popular for web. But for mobile its very different. You cant just put conditional logic for A/B test, for too much condition it will make App heavy, and you have to get passed from App Store Verification system, each time you want to ship a new built. And A/B testing differs heavily for Apps function and workflow. Its not that simple like website.

Here comes Leanplum. A company with an aim to make A/B Testing super simple for mobile apps. They have ready made SDK for all common platform, like iOS, Android, HTML5 or even for REST API. See the graphics to understand how it works

Screenshot on 11.6.2013 at 10.08.54 PM

You could have conditional steps, you could play with your ads position or size or anyway you want to test. And good part you neither have to wait for those test data to arrive after weeks, and you will not need an analyst to interpret those data. Leanplum has a very easy control panel where you will be able see all report, in humanly understandable format, with nice visualization.

Leanplum has built on a robust technology which helps App developer to understand the best potential way to work better with their App user, and serve better. This way App developer could maximize their revenue stream. And they dont have to built any technology, as Leanplum already have ready made SDK.

How much does it costs?

Starts for free. Yes its true. Leanplum has free package for start level App developer who have less then 100 daily active user. Paid package starts from $79 for 1000 daily active user. Check the detail pricing at their site.

How to implement Leanplum?

Check their How It Works page. You could find all of their documentation here.

Are you an App developer? What do you think about it?

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