Siri’s Fellow-Software Trapit Gets $6.2 Million In Series A Funding By Horizons

Trapit is a very unique web search tool. It makes the web-searching experience much more personalized for you by bringing you content that is unique and relevant to your search terms. It’s been hailed as a sibling of Siri because both of them were created at the same AI project. In the latest news on Trapit, this tool has raised $6.2 million from Hong-Kong based Horizons Ventures. Trapit intends to use it to expand it’s scope and R & B operations.

This handsome funding was raised by Trapit at Series A Funding. From the amount of funding, it is clear that investors think that Trapit has the potential to make it big in the tech-world. And with the novel idea that is behind Trapit, it is no surprise.

Trapit works by crawling hundreds of thousands of websites and then, finding the content that is relevant to your search terms. However, it is more advanced that the regular search engine. It finds only unique content and you won’t find any link, related to your search, repeated in the search results. What’s the best aspect of Trapit is that you can give your feedback regarding the search terms and in light of that, Trapit will ‘improve’ the search results in your future searches.

With this new fund, Trapit aims to expand the size of it’s team and expend more resources on it’s R & D side. One of the additional team members that are already confirmed is Rob Majteles. Rob is currently the founder and Managing Director of Treehouse Capital. He’ll be joining Trapit in the capacity of an outside, non-investing Director. Trapit has also won a number of accolades as an innovative start-up and is currently delivering more than 4 million articles per day with a customer base of nearly 2.5 million users since it’s launch.

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