[Review] The Level: Innovation To Help All Lazy People

I am not saying you are lazy, even I don’t consider myself lazy, but I am computer programmer, writer and entrepreneur. I have spent an enormous amount of time sitting in front of a computer for the past decade. I felt the result of it, in a hard way, after injuring my 5th Lumbar Vertebra by just sitting for too long. Now here is one very interesting and intriguing innovation named “Level” that offers a solution to this problem. Stay with us to know more.


So what does The Level do?

The Level is an interesting work platform whose sole purpose is to help you move, but without traveling a distance or even thinking about keeping balanced. With the popularity of standing desks increasing, even if you are keeping your laptop/tablet on a standing desk, you are still not moving, which does not really solve the main issue as just standing could cause more issues. Check these graphics for a better idea.

What is Level

How Important Is it?

It’s pretty important. The founding team explains this nicely – “there is a time to sit, there is a time to stand, there is a time to flow.” So the balance is very crucial. Look at what statistics say.

The Level in details:

Check the video first

The LEVEL increases your range of motion and heart rate, while requiring the body to subconsciously fine-tune its balance while you work. The LEVEL enables you to move, but not too much to distract you – it’s simple enough so that you can multitask while onboard, and the mind-body connection can actually help you flow through your tasks at hand. While developed primarily for your immediate workspace, a standing desk is not required for using the LEVEL. It can augment standing or sitting time during meetings, phone calls, or even at home. It is also beneficial for jobs that require extended periods of sitting time (for example call center operators, customer service professionals and security guards).

How you can get one:

The Level by Fluidstance is running an Indigogo campaign right now. You could pre-order one Level, prices from $269 USD (this price is sold out already while writing) to $389 USD, or you could support the project and through different perks, starting at $1 USD. Here are the campaign details:

People Behind:

The Founder and CEO of Fluidstance, Joel Heath, is the key person behind the Level. Joel was formerly the Brand President of Teva footwear and founded one of the most successful outdoor-adventure events in the country, the [GoPro] Mountain Games. Joel’s passion for movement extends to volunteer work as well, as Co-Founder of First Descents, a free adventure experience for young adults with cancer.

What happened to me?

So, in case you are wondering what happened to me, I am fine now. I was first diagnosed with a Lumbar issue, nearly 5 years ago. I had to change my entire lifestyle. I had to rework my routine. I did not go for the surgery as the doctors from different countries told me I was too young to be considered for this surgery, unless it were to get too bad. I was lucky. It took time, but I eventually learned healthy ways of living. I followed a 20-20 rule, like if I am sitting for 20min, I will stand and walk for 20min. It’s hard, especially if sometimes you have to work on something extensively with attention, like coding or writing or even watching something with eyes glued to the screen (Like what? ), I like standing desks, especially the automatic, adjustable ones, but until The Level, I never thought we could solve the static standing issue in this way.

The Level seems very interesting. It’s very well designed, so it’s not like you have to give attention just to keep balanced. And with its patent pending design, it keeps perfect balance between the motion and attention needed.

Support their Indigogo campaign and pre-order yours today.

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