The Wedg Is Your Very Own Private Email Server And Cloud Storage

There was a time when email services offered by popular big-wigs such as Gmail were considered secure. Gone are those days and today virtually every popular email service is prone to countless exploits and vulnerabilities. The Wedg is an Indiegogo campaign offering a very private email server that fits nicely on your desk.

The Wedg

Email server:
If you are concerned about the security of your emails, you may want to rethink your decision of going with popular emailing services. Services such as Outlook or Gmail store your email in data centers where, provided the right legal excuses or the right kind of hacks, they are accessible to countless entities.

So if you wish to completely secure your emails, the best way to go about it is to host them on a server of your own. So in essence, this email server sits on your own desk and stores all your emails but it saves you the risk of having your emails stored in some data center.

You can either set your own domain to send and receive emails or alternatively avail the domain. Wedg Mail provides all the standard features that are commonly available in email inboxes. Not only that, it synchronizes easily with a wide variety of browsers and platforms such as iOS, Android, Linux etc.

Cloud storage:
This server is online but it is disconnected from any popular cloud storage service, providing you a separate, secure space. The Wedg is nearly the same size as a router and if you keep it connected at all times, you will have an email server plus a cloud storage space available exclusively to you at all times.

The Wedg

Moreover, this cloud storage space is virtually infinite. The Wedg comes preinstalled with 1 terabyte of storage space which you can use to store emails or push huge amounts of data into the cloud. This data can then be accessed from multiple devices and machines, letting you have a one-click access to it all while at the same time, enjoying unmatched security.

Share your data securely:
You can share the files and folders on Wedg with your friends and contacts. This data will be accessible even to those who are not using Wedg. All you need to do is provide the person with a link to that file or folder via email. You can even set a password to that file and provide it along with the email to add an extra layer of security.

All data transmitted through Wedg is encrypted using 256bit encryption. Moreover, you can further encrypt the data when stored on the 1TB storage space of Wedg, defining the encryption key on your own.

The 1 terabyte version of Wedg costs a cool $269 together with $10 for shipping. You can, however, make use of other options by getting a drive-less Wedg and adding a hard drive of your own to it. The drive-less Wedg sets you back $169, together with an additional $10 for shipping.

1 terabyte Wedg

You can check other backing options on the official Indiegogo page of the Wedg. You can then pledge funds for any option of your liking.

Source: Indiegogo

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