VRGO Chair Provides Hands-Free Virtual Reality Navigation

VRgo chair is ground-breaking motion controller for virtual reality. It allows you to tilt and spin in the real world which will be concerted as the movement in virtual world. The company has created a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter which launched on 3rd November, 2015.


VRGO is one of the most intuitive hands-free movement controllers for virtual reality that perfectly works with any game via keyboard or joy-pad input. It will wirelessly connected through custom-built sensors and Bluetooth 4.0 to your PC or smartphone with the touch of a button.

The basic design is looked like a curved stool with high friction pads that offers to use more like a virtual joystick by connecting with keyboard joy-pad input. So gamer can move the in-game character through this VRGO. This super advance chair can spin total 360 degrees by tilting right or left.


VRGO is really small to keep in any place, at the same time its very light to carry from anywhere you want. It has made from aircraft grade composite and you can continuously use it for 5 hours. It has internal storage space for HMD and micro USB charging port.

You can pre-order the VRGO chair from Kickstarter campaign which will cost you US $230 but later on, the company expects to sell it for US$385 in retail stores.

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