17-year-old High School Student Invents Smart Gun That Unlocks With Fingerprint

Now-a-days, students have a lot of interests making innovative things. Recently, a 16-year-old student has invented a device that can convert breath into speech. And now, a 17-year-old high school student named Kai Kloepfer from Boulder has invented a smart gun that can be unlocked with your fingerprint.

Kai Kloepfer

Kloepfer reads in Boulder Creek High School. He loves to play with electronic devices and new technologies. And such passion has led him to create a smart gun that can be unlocked with your fingerprint. Kloepfer participated in Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. And there, he showed this smart gun.

The gun uses finger print sensors to keep guns from being fired unless they are used by the authorized owner of the gun. The sensor “boasts a 99.9 percent success rate –– even with partial prints.”

According to Kloepfer each year, numerous teens and children are being accidentally killed by guns. He said, “Every 30 minutes in the U.S. a kid dies from a gun. I want my gun to help reduce accidental deaths and injuries, and to prevent tragedies. Since 1979, two-and-a-half times as many children and teens have been killed with firearms as the total number of U.S. military casualties in the Iraq, Vietnam and Afghanistan wars combined. That’s a statistic that we could fix.”

And that’s why he has created such gun that won’t let the bullet out of the gun unless used by the authorized owner of the gun. The gun works by creating a user ID and locking in the fingerprint of each user allowed to use the gun. The gun will only unlock with the unique fingerprint of those who have already permission to access the gun. He also said that the gun will store all user data right in a chip inside the gun and it would be pretty hard to hack. This potentially makes it ideal for military use as well.

Note that, Kloepfer came in 34th place out of 7 million high school students from around the world. He was awarded a grant of $50,000 from the Smart Tech Challenges Foundation to develop the firearm with the sensor.

Ron Conway, Angel investor and gun reform advocate said, “Let’s use innovation to bring about gun safety. Let’s not rely on Washington.”

Source: TechCrunch

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