Tablet Can Charge A Phone Wirelessly Via Fulton Innovation’s New Technology

Fulton Innovation is such a company that seeks to deliver wireless charging of electronic systems all the time. The company has been showing off advances in wireless power at CES for years. This CES 2013, Fulton Innovation is going to show us an unusual technology that will allow a tablet to charge a phone wirelessly!

Tablet Charging A Phone Wirelessly

Fulton Innovation is a pioneer of wireless charging and loves to show off their latest tricks in the field of wireless charging along with tech at CES. Recently, Fulton Innovation has introduced a new demo video that shows that a tablet and a mobile phone can be charged wirelessly at a same time through a wireless charging pad. This wireless charging pad is based on Qi standard. Both devices (the Tablet and the Mobile Phone) can be charged using this Qi standard. The tablet can charge any Qi-compatible phone by putting the phone on the back of it. At that time, users will be able to do nothing with the tablet while the tablet charges the phone.

Two Way Wireless Charging (Back To Back)

Besides, Fulton has promised to show off a multi-device charging platform which will be capable of powering up two devices simultaneously. That means we may see tablets and smartphones charging together on the same pad and each device is receiving the exact amount of charge. Have a look at the video below.

Source: The Verge


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