Taste Food In Mist Form With The Help Of Edible Mist Machine

Flavor plays a great role in food. UK inventor group Lick Me I’m Delicious has invented the Edible Mist Machine, a strange orb-like device that lets dieters sample the flavors of some of their favorite foods without actually eating them.

Man Tasting Food In Mist Form

The Edible Mist Machine has been created by Charlie Harry Francis. This machine can produce edible mist. The Edible Mist Machine’s “ultrasonic vaporization” makes a mist that basically gives people a hit of flavor without actually ingesting any food. More importantly, the mist produced by these machines offer up more than 200 flavors. These flavors include the likes of mango, smoked bacon, apple pie, chocolate, and so on.

Edible Mist Machines

Charlie Harry Francis said, “The range of flavors is massive and we can also produce you a personalized mist from pretty much anything in the world, like your favorite book or even your hair. AND it’s zero calories.”

Lick Me I Am Delicious

Now, there’s a good news and a bad news. The bad news is if you’re living in the US and want to lay your hands on one of the Edible Mist machines, then you have to buy it and it would cost you $8,400. And the good news is if you are from UK, then you can rent the machine.

For more details, hit the source link below. As of now, here’s a video showing a man with a weird hat using a straw to suck “mist” from the machine.

Source: Edible Mist Machine
Thanks To: Huffington Post

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