TI84 calculator for PS3 jailbroken

PlayStation 3 jailbroken is now hace by TI-84 Plus calculator.You all can jailbroken by using TI-84 Plus calculator….

Brandon Wilson came up with a way to exploit the Play Station using a TI84 calculator. This uses the same PSGroove open source code that we looked at last week. That package was running on the Teensy, which is currently sold out (we’d guess because people want to run the exploit). There’s a video demonstration of this new trick after the break. The calculator connects via a USB A to USB mini-B cable which comes with the calculator and is also used to charge the PS3 controllers. Once the connection is made, launch the software on the calculator, power cycle the PS3, and turn it on with the familiar power-eject button presses. The only problem with the system is that the calculator needs to be connected every time you boot.

Source :hackaday.com

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