Tim Cook Makes It To The TIME 100 List Of World’s Most Influential People

Every year, the world’s eyes are set to TIME Magazine’s list of 100 most influential people in the world. The list primarily includes such people who have somehow been a huge influence, globally or at least have left a significant impact on a significant size of people. This year, not surprisingly, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook made it to the list.

Apple has rose from its metaphorical ashes ever since Steve Jobs revolutionized the company, and the tech world, with his line of world’s sleekest products. From iPod Nano to iPad, it has been a marvellously successful journey for Apple.

However, with the demise of Apple, many had speculated whether or not Tim Cook will be up to the immense challenge of sustaining this huge growth and success for Apple. Not surprisingly, he has performed excellently and has carried Jobs’ legacy to all new heights under his leadership. So it is only apt when TIME Magazine includes Tim Cook in it s list of ‘the people who inspire us, entertain us, challenge us and change our world.’

When remarking about Tim Cook, the Managing Editor Rick Stengel has to say, ‘Steve Jobs may be the hardest act to follow in business history. But it’s difficult to imagine anyone who could have gotten off to a stronger start than Cook has. Since he became Apple’s CEO in August 2011, the iPhone 4S and the new iPad have become massive hits and the company’s profits and market capitalization have set records. For a legendarily secretive company, Cook’s Apple is being surprisingly open in its response to the controversy over employee welfare at its partners’ Chinese manufacturing plants.’

Quite interestingly, former U.S. Vice President Al-Gore also had a lot to say about Tim Cook, and in glowing words. According to Al-Gore,

‘He has indelibly imprinted his leadership on all areas of Apple — from managing its complex inner workings to identifying and shepherding new “insanely great” technology and design breakthroughs into the product pipeline…Highly ethical and always thoughtful, he projects calmness but can be tough as nails when necessary. Like the great conductor George Szell, Cook knows that his commitment to excellence is inseparable from the incredible ensemble he leads at Apple. Szell was noted for saying, “We begin where others leave off.’

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