Toshiba Proves The TransferJet Technology To Be Viable

Toshiba, the world famous TV maker made an interesting appearance at this year edition of Consumer Electronics Show. Besides expected high end products, Toshiba also demonstrated the practicality of its new technology known as TransferJet. This new wireless protocol from Toshiba allows transfer speeds of 560Mbps, which makes it faster than the average Wi-Fi connection. In addition, Toshiba’s new technology is believed to use less battery than Bluetooth.

The demonstration in the Toshiba booth from CES, revealed how two Android tablets both using TransferJet technology were connected by “sensing” each other’s proximity and then how the tablet owners can make use of this feature with wideband transfer and low battery consumption. Now after the demonstration, remains to be seen how device makers will adopt the technology and how they will employ additional Toshiba products intended to push forward TransferJet.

A few months ago, some reports surfaced the Internet revealing the information about Toshiba’s new piece of technology. The innovative product is actually a small wireless chip that supports TransferJet near field wireless transmission. The chip, so far codenamed TC35420 (try to remember this name after 10 minutes) is expected to enter the mass production in the second half of this year and analysts suggest that Toshiba will order about one million units a month. The new chip will be designed for notebooks, tablets, smartphones, digital cameras and other devices.


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