Trade Ruling Favors Kodak In Ongoing Legal Wars With Apple

The legal wars between Kodak and Apple has come to an end and the result favors to Kodak. The United States International Trade Commission, in a preliminary ruling, rejected Apple’s digital-camera patent claims against the Eastman Kodak Company.

According to Bloomberg, that ruling asserted that ”neither of the two patents in Apple’s case before the ITC were being infringed, and one of the patents is invalid.” Apple reportedly claimed that those technologies were being used illegally in Kodak’s Z-series, M-series, C-series, and Slice cameras.

Kodak’s technology does not infringe on Apple’s patent rights, and one of the two patents in dispute is invalid, Robert Rogers Jr., a judge at the federal agency that oversees trade disputes, said in a preliminary ruling late Thursday.

His decision is subject to review by the agency’s six commissioners.

Kodak’s stock rose 15 cents, or 5.3 percent, to $3 in midday trading but had traded as high as $3.09 earlier in the day.

Kodak is still attempting to negotiate a royalty-paying deal worth up to $1 billion in a separate claim against Apple and Research in Motion, the smartphone giants, over a 2001 imaging patent. The commission, based in Washington, D.C., agreed in March to rule on that claim by June 23.

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