Amazon Launches In-App Purchasing For Appstore

In-app purchasing model has been wildly popular and successful on the mobile platform. In this model, an app is offered for free but a number of features in the app are available for purchasing. Apple and Android already have the option on their respective app marketplaces. Now Android has also announced the inclusion of the future on its Amazon Appstore.

Amazon’s in-app purchasing is a lot more easier than for a user on the Apple or Android platform. This is because it essentially makes use of the accounts of Amazon customers who already have an account online or on Kindle Fire. One of the most amazing features of purchasing things from Amazon is its one-click payment – and according to the company, its in-app payments would be quite like that.

According to Amazon’s Appstore director, ‘In-App Purchasing is simple to integrate and gives developers access to millions of Amazon customers who are already familiar with Amazon’s 1-Click payment system.┬áMany of Amazon Appstore’s customers have shopped with Amazon before and they trust Amazon’s easy payment process, which leads to higher conversion of developers’ in-app content and subscriptions.’

This is the first official word from the company regarding in-app purchasing, although Bloomberg had already revealed last week that Amazon was working on such a thing.

In-app purchasing and support for it at any and all app stores is becoming rather critical and absolutely essential. This is because users no longer want to pay upfront for an app when there are virtually dozens of alternatives available. So, a user rather chooses to first run and app and see if it is good enough and only then pay for additional features. In-app purchasing has no doubt become a multi-billion dollar industry annually and is only going to expand over time.



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