US Judge Rejects Apple’s Request Against Samsung

As the legal battle rages on between Apple and Samsung, Apple may be in for a set-back in it’s home-ground, US. In a case filed by Apple against Samsung over alleged patent violations, the judge has rejected Apple’s request and has refused to ban Samsung’s smartphones and Galaxy Tab tablets in US. However, Apple has vowed to continue with it’s legal efforts against Samsung.

No ‘irreparable¬†damage’ to Apple, says judge:
The judge, in his ruling, stated that Apple has failed to demonstrate that by applying a ban on the Samsung tablet and certain smartphones, Apple will be saved from some kind of ‘irreparable damage.’ This decision comes on top of another decision in Australia where an appeals court has lifted the ban on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1. Apple had moved an Australian court against Samsung and the court had banned the sale of Galaxy tablet in Australia but Samsung was successful on getting the ban revoked through an appeals court. Apple is all set to appeal yet again, against this ruling. In Germany, Apple has been successful so far in getting Samsung’s Galaxy tab banned.

Samsung certainly is relieved at the ruling of the US court. US is the key sales market for both Apple and Samsung and if Samsung lost it’s sales in this market, this would certainly add ‘irreparable damage’ to ¬†Samsung’s plate. Analysts have speculated that Apple will most like go ahead with yet another case against Samsung over the alleged patent violation. Even if Apple is able to get a ruling in it’s favour, Samsung will most certainly file against it and the legal battle can’t be expected to abate any time soon.

Image courtesy Sean MacEntee.

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