Valve Currently Working On Steam For Linux, Launch Expected Soon

For years, Linux users have bore with patience as rumors flew about of a Linux version of Valve’s digital game distribution platform, and were debunked times and again. Whereas as recently as 2010, Valve denied the existence of any such ambition, now Michael Larabel has confirmed that he had been contacted by Valve team for a Linux build of its software.

Larabel tweeted from his Twitter account, ‘Steam is coming to Linux.’ Initially when he broke the news, he revealed that he flew over to Valve’s headquarters in Bellevue, Washington and had a personal meeting with the team. He also promised to reveal some screenshots relevant to the project soon, a promise he did live up to.

Within hours of breaking this news, Larabel then uploaded some pretty awesome screenshots of the Linux version of Steam. The screenshot that Larabel posted depicted a demo of a game being played on the Linux version of the Source Engine – the game being played in the screenshot is Left 4 Dead 2.

According to Larabel, the game was being played on a machine which tooled Ubuntu 11.10. Valve does not, by any means, intend to stop at this and has all plans of bringing a number of other titles to Linux users.

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