Verizon May Introduce Kid-Friendly Wearables Made By LG

Verizon is about to introduce two LG branded wearable which are specially designed for kids. According to @eveleaks, the company has named the wearable as GizmoPal 2 and GizmoGadget.


The GizmoPal 2 is the follow-up version of GizmoPal Which was released last year by Verizon. According to the leaked photo, this new version is having calling functionality and it may bring both display and physical button for phone and music. Perhaps the device is not Android wear.

The first GimzoPal did not have any display, just had a single button and a microphone/speaker. It used to connect with only two smartphones which was a limitation because if you had to connect your kid with parents and a babysitter, you could not do that using GimzoPal. This problem can be solved in this new GimzoPal 2.


The original GimzoPal was also limited to connect only with Verizon user. Although, we do not know, if LG has thought about coming out from all these restrictions. Besides the limitations, the GPS inside the device is really useful to track the location of your kids.

Usually all smartwatches cost more than $200 which is bit expensive for a child. Though there is no information about the costing of GimzoPal 2 or GizmoGadget, but keep up with us to know more details about the advance kid-friendly devices.

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