Cisco Will Help Companies Secure Employees’ Personal Devices

Companies around the globe usually implement multiple layers of security on the network that is used internally. However, this security is usually not extended to the personal devices of the employees; also that’s a nightmare at times, given the difficulty of the task. Cisco is now expanding its services to enable such companies implement security on the personal devices of the employees too.

Whereas employees are usually prudent about systems at their workplace, they are pretty casual about their personal devices, even when these devices are used for work-related tasks too. Naturally, they don’t enable a lot of security settings on the device and this could result in data leaks as well as data loss for the company.

This is a very real problem since according to a recent study, ‘Fifty-nine percent of respondents report that employees circumvent or disengage security features, such as passwords and key locks, on corporate and personal mobile devices.’

Cisco itself conforms to the BYOD philosophy. It stands for Bring Your Own Device. According to the company, it allowed the staff members to bring their own personal devices and in 2010, about 50,538 Cisco staff members were using personal devices, out of which the most-used smartphone was iPhone being tooled by 21000 employees.

It’s really hard for a company or its IT department to implement security on so many personal devices of the employees on their own. That’s where Cisco sees a business opportunity and hopes that it can deliver just the right solutions to enable the companies keep their employees’ personal devices safe and secure.

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