[Video] Don’t Kick The Ball : MorpHex Is A Spherical Shaped 6 Legged Robot

The Norwegian engineer Kåre Halvorsen aka Zenta built his MorpHex robot last year. That time it could walk only. But there were many robots that could walk. So, Halvorsen wanted to make a different robot. He wanted his robot would roll besides walking. But that time he couldn’t do that. Now, he has become successful. His robots can now both walk and roll. As it’s a spherical shaped robot, so don’t be in confusion thinking it as a ball and kick it.

Recently, creator Kåre Halvorsen has released a video of his upgraded and modified MorpHex robot. The video shows, the robot can walk and roll both. We know that, MorpHex is a 6 legged robot. With these 6 legs, it could walk but now it can pull its legs in to turn into a sphere. Though the MorpHex robot is shaped like a sphere, but the outer body is actually comprised of 12 triangles. 6 triangles on top of the body and 6 triangles on the bottom of the body. When the bottom triangles come out and stands on its feet, it looks like an insect. It can also roll around as a ball by systematically moving the 12 segments. The sphere robot can move according to the direction given to it. But, the rolling isn’t perfect because right now the sphere is asymmetrical. Its upper and lower halves aren’t identical. But when the upper 6 halves will be identical with the lower 6 halves, it will become symmetrical and it will roll perfectly.

Check out the amazing video. I’m sure you will love it.

Source : ZENTA



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