[Video] Specially Tiled Dance Floor Automatically Illuminates

Electricity is most often generated at a power station. But if any human wants to build electricity then is there any easy option to generate electricity? Yes! Anyone can build electricity as he/she dances on a specially made floor tiles. Do you want to know what’s the mystery behind this? Just see inside.

Electricity Produced While Dancing With Special Floor Tiles

Sustainable Dance Club has created a series of floor tiles. These floor tiles are not ordinary. Each tiles have small generators inside. When anybody or a dancer dances on these specially made floor tiles, the tiles slightly compress. The pressure that comes from stepping on these tiles while dancing powers the inherent small generators of each tiles about 35 watts. The tiles then convert the kinetic energy to electricity. It means the dance floor won’t need electricity for lighting as dancers footstep will do that.

Anyone can buy the tiles or take these as a rent. San Francisco’s Temple Night Club has already bought the tiles and installed these on its dance floor. Watch the video and share your thought with us.

Source : Mashable

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