White House Announces New Public-Private Partnership On 3D Printing

3D printing is gaining traction gradually, and the sheer usefulness of the technology has rendered it desirable in a number of industries. To bolster the growth on this front and make the technology more popular, the White House has included it as part of a comprehensive public-private partnership.

3D printer

Obama administration has launched a new public-private institute in Youngstown, Ohio. The partnership will initially receive $30 million in federal funding followed by another $40 million from the winning consortium which comprises of universities, companies, colleges and many other such organizations.

The project is being called National Additive Manufacturing Innovative Institute (NAMII). It is essentially meant to bolster the development on the additive manufacturing, also known as 3D-printing. Youngstown, through this opportunity, will be able to trigger a mushroom growth of related industries which can, in turn, speed up the development of 3D printing technologies.

According to a White House press release, “The President’s proposal for a NNMI(National Network of Manufacturing Innovation) is part of his comprehensive plan to revitalize American manufacturing, which includes providing tax incentives to encourage manufacturers to invest in America, eliminating of tax breaks for manufacturing firms that ship jobs abroad, investing in community colleges and workforce training, supporting innovation in cross-cutting manufacturing technologies, investing in the 21st century infrastructure our manufacturers need, and leveling the playing field so American workers can compete on the merit of their hard work.”

Clearly, Obama administration sees huge potential in 3D printing and hopes to expand the scope of this technology for the American manufacturers to make optimum use of it. In fact, the government hopes that eventually, industries can be enabled to ‘print’ its actual equipment on site, thus saving the trouble of shipping it from elsewhere.

Source: White House

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