Wi-Fi 802.11ac To Make Local Wireless HD Video Sharing A Reality

Maybe for the fast moving world of today, it seems like a long time, but for such an impressive technology it is worth waiting. The Wi-Fi 802.11ac is using innovative technologies like beam-forming and higher amplitude modulation in order to provide faster data transfer, compared to the current 802.11. Faster with approximately 1Gbit/s. This implies that when streaming HD video from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, everything will go so smoothly you will think you are in a dream.

“The primary use case for consumers using 802.11ac is for video distribution. One scenario would be utilizing 802.11ac in a cable or satellite set top box for distribution of video to multiple televisions outside the main viewing area”, said an analyst describing the product.

If the Wi-Fi Alliance will go ahead and certified the 802.11ac, somewhere in early 2013, it will mean the road is open for the technology to be implemented in mass consumer electronic products.

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