20 things Already Known About Apple’s Highly Rumored Tablet

If I ask anyone do you know anything about Apple Tablet. Almost all of you will say yes I heard about its shape, its technology bla bla bla….No one can be sure about that except its OS, as yesterday McGraw-Hill CEO told that it will run on iPhone-like OS. Other than this info, no one is sure about this highly anticipated & lucrative product. Without any mention of hardware or software, The Doghouse Diaries is pretty much sure about some facts which is listed below.

Every day the tech world is buzzing around the rumors about Apple Tablet. No once exactly is sure about the hardware & softwares that will be features. Although after a few hours, all the things will be exposed. But other than that what do you know?

The Doghouse Diaries pretty much nails a list of what we can expect from the tablet. Or rather, how we’re all going to react to it. Look out

20 Things Already Known About the Apple Tablet
20 Things Already Known About the Apple Tablet

Source: Gizmodo.com, TheDoghouseDiaries.com


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