Xiaomi Launched $316 ‘Hoverboard’ With A Built-in Handle

The Chinese company Xiaomi has launched a Segway-style gadget in this week. They have created a self-balancing hoverboard with a built-in handles which can travel approximately 14 miles and you have to spend around 300 dollar to get one.


Xiaomi has invested $80 million with scooter-maker company Ninebot to replace the heavy Segway that introduced earlier this year. In a event in Beijing today, Xiaomi has unveiled new knee-high scooter which will give the rider feel like they are floating across the ground.


The Ninebot mini weights 28 pounds and can travel up to 10 miles per hour. It comes with some sense of sensitivity and a built-in processor for running software. It can track the speed and even current traffic condition via an mobile app from which you can control the movement. Even you can set an alarm if the scooter is moving.


Unlike most hoverboards and a bit like the Segway, this new design is somewhere in between. It has a mini handle which is actually a steering stick to detects the movement of rider’s leg. It works based on the Ninebot’s latest invention called Leansteer technology.

The new gadget will be available in the market from 3rd November in China. The company is already promoting the device in France. However, they have not mention whether Ninebot mini will be launched in other countries.

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