Xiaomi Mi Band 3: The King Of Budget Fitness Tracker

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Bigger display, full touchscreen, big battery, improved water protection and more. Introducing all new Xiaomi Mi Band 3!

Xiaomi’s Mi Band 2 is the best budget fitness tracker right now. Also the best selling fitness tracker and a big success too. So they released Mi band 3 with upgraded design and display. Price is not same at all but not as costly as you think. Xiaomi changed the display to a bigger size with 3d curved design, extended battery mAh, improved water protection, added some new features and more.

Display and Design

In the first perspective, the major change is the display and design. The display is larger than the older one. They upgraded the display to 0.78-inch and whole display supports touch. The display is 3D curved so it looks better than Mi band 2. The resolution is 128 x 80 pixels. The dimensions of the tracker are 17.9 x 46.9 x 12mm. The main problem of Mi band 3 is the sunlight. It will be harder to read in direct sunlight. So we recommend you to go to a shady place. In the wrist area, they changed some design. Xiaomi says it’s more comfortable on the wrist.


The water protection is now better than Mi band 2. The water protection is under 50 meters. So you can easily take shower or take a swim in a swimming pool.


Everything is the same as band 2 but some are new. The steps you’ve taken, sleeping tracker, amount of calories you’ve burnt, heart rate etc all are same. The new features described below:


Because of the full touchscreen, you can easily navigate to anything. You can easily see and scroll a message on display. So it is easier now.

Locate Your Smartphone

This is really a useful feature that can help to find your lost phone. But keep in mind that it only works on your Bluetooth range. So it is useful for find inside the house.


Because of full-screen touch capability, you can view the content of the notifications in more detail and easily. So you don’t need to turn on the phone display.

Reject the call

You can reject the incoming call by a tap on the screen. Press and hold on the button to reject the call immediately.


Xiaomi also added a stopwatch feature and it is easy to control.


The extended battery is 110 mAh and covers you up to 20 days.


In Amazon, the price is 45$. But in the different country, the price may differ. In the Chinese yuan, the price is about $26. To buy from Amazon go here.


By the price tag of this fitness tracker, it is worth buying it. The bigger display makes this fitness tracker to a semi smartwatch. The overall design looks better now. You can scroll the entire message or a notification by your hand. Good water protection makes it perfect.

Photo Source: Beebom.com

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