Zipwhip Can Make Coffee With ‘Textspresso’ Machine

A local startup has created a new machine. They name it ‘Textspresso’ machine. TextSpresso machine is based on the Jura Impressa XS90 machine but its activity is slightly different from that. The TextSpresso machine automatically makes coffee. It allows every person to place a coffee order via text message and have. It means, you don’t have to get up from your chair or call someone to bring a cup of coffee for you. Now, order your coffee through a simple text message to the unmanned espresso machine to whip up a custom cup of coffee. This machine is built for official purpose.

Tired of the dregs in ordinary coffee pot, The folks of Zipwhip decided to invent the Textspresso machine. The employee at Zipwhip can order for a cup of coffee by sending a text from their mobile phone. See the video, how Zipwhip CEO John Lauer showing off the Textspresso machine at the company’s Seattle office.

Textspresso machine has complex mechanism inside it. It comes with with servo motors, an Arduino microcontroller and a retro-fitted Canon printer. Check out the video.

Source : Komonews



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