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Designer Kristian Ulrich Larsen introduced a Flip phone with triple display.Flashy Flip phone will collapse in your pocket and have three flexible AMOLED touchscreens with power of Android……

Flip phone is differentiates it self from the norm of a smartphone and incorporates the physical product into the interaction with what’s on the screen.Flip phone is from designer Kristian Ulrich Larsen and it’s a triple-display handset running stock Android that pops out like a tent, collapses into a standard (if curved) slate  and even folds out like a little book. Each screen is said to be Super AMOLED hiding behind Gorilla Glass with steel mesh acting as hinges and there’s a full QWERTY keyboard.

Screenshots :


Canon PowerShot A2200 14.1 MP Digital Camera

Sony Ericsson Halon
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  On January 20, 2011(3 years, 3 months ago.)
  • Asif2BD

    Its looks awesome.

  • Jmatthews979

    i got 2 questions when and where can i get this

  • Pkraemer81

    AAfter Me;);)

  • 2s7a2m7

    I don’t understand the point of making ads for products that will never be invented.

  • Tony

    where can get it phones? who much the prices?

  • Maximilian Roszko


  • Altafahmad65

    i live in dallas need to buy pls send information about on my email is

  • adam_chaney

    This is just so awesome and useful that it will never see the light of day. And that is a shame.

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  • Litl_person

    wow this is wonderful where can you buy this ???????


  • Amr_slam

    plzzzz how much the the price

  • Pascal v staveren

    Wat een fucking gaaf apparaat

  • Rajukhan64

    i like it, what is price of this phone, who is launche it(brand) and how i get it

  • Jackdaniel

    u ol idiots.. it is a concept.. not a actual product…
    they r just testing how far they can go with a perticular technology n how consumer react.

  • Kalu charles

    We are in to Black Charcoal here in Nigeria looking for buyers pls if you need our product contact me

  • wemyss chen

    Dear friends.I invite you to visit my website  for news and tips about outdoor digital accessories.Here are two links for best iPhone gloves and latest touch screen gloves
    Just go and have a look.

  • omega1664

    I think it’s really kinda stupid. How many screens do you need? The way it’s laid out, at best you can only use two screens together at any given time. I think it would be better with simply two screens and the full qwerty keyboard. The third screen is just a waste. I just don’t see the need or a purpose for it other than something different. Why not make a phone like the photo inserts in a wallet that just fold out to like 50 inserts but would be screens instead. Take out your phone and BAM 50 screens flop out. Then you have to sit there and fold the damn thing back up. Just doesn’t make any sense to me to have three screen. One screen can scroll or flip or slide to as many different screen views as you want.

  • Peter k

    the future is coming with fantastic models like this,, just remember guys to recycle your old mobile, and keep the planet safe and green.peter@

  • Web design chicago us

    Wow!! What great
    inspiration!! Thanks for such an awesome post!

  • Abhishek

    how do i bye this tel me or call me my cell is +9716241191 name is abhi
    i need this phone very disparately 

  • Anon

    i want to buy it?

  • Alex Jobs

    I saw a guy with that phone. The guy got it from Japan.

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