The Other Side Of ‘Gravity’: Aningaaq Is A 7-Minute Spinoff Of The Movie

‘Gravity’ has received raving reviews so far and the movie has gone forth to do huge business at the box office. Now, it has transpired that Warner Bros. have also readied a brief spinoff of the movie. Titled ‘Aningaaq’, the seven-minute film shows a fisherman in Greenland who receives Sandra Bullock’s distress call and can barely understand it.


Aningaaq‘ is the flip side of the scene where Bullock is stuck inside a Russian space pod. Playing the character of astronaut Ryan Stone, Bullock is running low on oxygen. So she tries to send out a distress call to NASA but the call doesn’t go through.

Instead, a fisherman in a snow-covered Greenland receives the call. He doesn’t speak English, so he can barely understand what Bullock is talking about. Bullock, on the other hand, repeatedly states ‘Mayday’ so that anyone listening to her call would know that she is in trouble.

But Aningaaq the fisherman is joyous over hearing a voice in such a wilderness and gets a good kick out of it, even when he doesn’t understand who it is or what she is talking about. The spinoff gives ‘Gravity‘ an even absurd outlook, showing the contrast between a person who is hanging up in space and another who is living somewhere remote in this world.

It is certainly worth watching and Warner Bros has announced that they will be releasing it along with the original movie on Blu-ray. Aningaaq has also been submitted for an Oscar nomination in the category of live-action short.

Courtesy: Mashable

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