BBC To Take A Break From 3D TV After ‘Doctor Who’ Special

3D TV format has received another major blow. This time it’s the announcement of BBC’s taking a break from 3D TV space. BBC’s head of 3D, Kim Shillinglaw, spilled the beans to British TV guide Radio Times.


The UK broadcaster will take a break from its 3D venture for a foreseeable future. The last 3D program to be aired by BBC will the 50th anniversary episode of “Doctor Who” in November.

As revealed by Shillinglaw, the decision to get out of 3D for now is due to lack of consumer enthusiasm for 3D TV. “Watching 3D is quite a hassly experience in the home. You have got to find your glasses before switching on the TV. I think when people watch TV they concentrate in a different way. When people go to the cinema they go and are used to doing one thing — I think that’s one of the reasons that take up of 3D TV has been disappointing,” Shillinglaw said.

But BBC will keep an eye on the 3D TV market. It is anticipating that there will be more 3D TV adoption after the recession ends. Shillinglaw said, “There may be more take up of sets but I think the BBC will be having a wait and see. It’s the right time for a good old pause.”

Thanks to: CNET
Source: Radio Times

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