Google Pulls Back Bonus Netflix Offer For Chromecast

Google launched its tiny video-streaming dongle, Chromecast, on July 25th. Together with the dongle, Google was offering a 90-day free Netflix access, as part of the promotions. However, the company has cancelled that offer due to the ‘overwhelming demand’ of Chromecast.


Evidently, the dongle that has just been released has mustered an excellent response from the users. On Amazon, Chromecast is already out of stock whereas sales elsewhere seem equally strong. Apparently, given such unexpectedly high sales, Google has pulled back on the Netflix offer.

According to a statement issued by the company, “Due to overwhelming demand for Chromecast devices since launch, the 3-month Netflix promotion (which was available in limited quantities) is no longer available.”

The good news for such users who have already bought the dongle, is that they will still be able to redeem their Netflix offer coupons and get free access to the video-streaming service for 90 days. New buyers will no longer be able to avail the offer.

Since the dongle costs a mere $35, it is understandable that offering free Netflix access to a huge number of users may cost Google dearly. But putting forward an offer and then pulling it back so abruptly reflects poorly on Google. In fact, some analysts have cited that users can use this to launch lawsuits against the company.

Chromecast is currently available at Best Buy as well as the Google Play Store. If you purchase it from the Play Store, it may arrive at your doorstep with a delay of two to three weeks, which makes Best Buy a better option.

Courtesy: eWeek

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