Google Unveils Tiny Low-Cost TV Dongle — Chromecast

In the past, Google has made frequent attempts to gain a foothold into consumers’ drawing rooms through their TV sets. So far, the search giant has failed miserably. Now, the company has launched a new low-cost TV dongle called Chromecast, which can stream content from a plethora of devices to your TV.


Apparently, Google is hoping to finally gain some success in the television entertainment arena through Chromecast. The dongle plugs directly into the HDMI port of a TV set. Once it is plugged in, users can stream content from their tablet, smartphone or PC straight to the big screen. Users will need Wi-Fi to share the content with TV.

Chromecast is Google’s answer to Apple TV, although it remains to be seen how successful the new arrival proves to be. The price point is certainly enticing, with Chromecast carrying a tag of mere $35.

What stands out Chromecast is that the content from any given device is first copied to the cloud and is then streamed to the TV’s display. This, Google says, allows for far better quality of streaming and also takes a smaller toll on the battery. Another significant feature of the dongle is that it can work across a number of platforms. For instance, not only can you stream content from your Android device to Chromecast, you can also do so while using an iOS device.

Such cross-platform support, when coupled with the low price, is certainly enticing. Our bet is that the dongle will soon be big in the television entertainment arena, much like Apple TV.

Courtesy: BBC

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