Leonardo DiCaprio May Play Steve Jobs’ Role In Upcoming Movie

As yet another cinematic adaption of Steve Jobs’ life story is being prepared, chances are that Leonardo DiCaprio may get to play Jobs’ role. Previously, numerous sources suggested that Christian Bale may act the part of Jobs, but that seems unlikely now.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The life story of Steve Jobs is inspirational, not only in what he created through his life but also because of the sheer influence his ideas and products have exerted over the world of tech. A previous movie starring Ashton Kutcher felt like a lukewarm depiction of the gifted innovator which is why many have been looking out for a better adaption of Jobs’ life.

The new movie, which is yet to find a lead actor as hinted above, may turn out to be a lot better than its predecessor. The reason being that it will be based on a Steve Jobs biopic penned down by Aaron Sorkin. Moreover, Sony is currently in talks with Danny Boyle to bring him on board as the director of the movie. Boyle has some brilliant gems in his bag of cinematic achievements and may spin Sorkin’s script into something worth-watching.

As for the lead actor of the movie, Christian Bale was earlier touted as a strong candidate for the role. But apparently, the high pay requests from him has disillusioned Sony Pictures who is now trying to court Leonardo DiCaprio. Whether or not DiCaprio will accept the role remains to be seen.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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