Press Screening Of ‘The Avengers’ Gets Delayed Due To Accidental Deletion Of Copy

Digital files and content has bolstered this world of ours into an all new era of technology. However, digital content comes with its own risks. For instance, you can carry around a CD and chances of losing it are not many. But with a digital file, just pressing a delete button by mistake wipes the file. That is precisely what happened during the press screening of the much-touted movie, The Avengers.

The press screening of the movie was last week and a crowd of journalists had gathered to lay their eyes on a movie which is being eagerly anticipated by the whole world. Little did these journalists know that they were in for a rather unpleasant surprise.

The projectionist, who was supposed to screen the movie, accidentally deleted the movie. Naturally, a copy of the movie was absolutely important for press screening. So everyone who was present had to wait another two hours while a fresh copy of the movie was being downloaded.

After a delay of two hours, the movie was finally screened. Lisa Schwarzbaum was also present at the occasion who tweeted, ‘The curse of Loki: Projectionist accidentally erases The Avengers before packed a.m. screening. 143 mins of download later, Earth is saved.’

The Avengers has been premièred in US on April 11, 2012 while the launch dates in most of Europe were within the last week of April. In all the places where the movie has been screened, it has attracted huge ticket sales and revenue. A number of countries aren’t be so lucky and the screenings will start sometime during this month. To get to know when may you get to lay your eyes on the movie, check this list at IMDB.

Here is the latest trailer of the movie.

So what’s your plan about Avengers? Did you already seen it or planing to watch it soon? Share your comments with us below.

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