YouTube Is Ready To Make You Pay For Some of Its Best Contents

YouTube is taking a step forward by making you pay the subscription fee for some of its best new videos. They are preparing a slate of programming which will be available for only the users who join that upcoming subscription services.


According to ReCode, YouTube team is gearing up to announce some of the programming that is funding on 21st October on the event in Los Angeles. Based on the report, these new programs will be very handful for the YouTube stars as users have to pay for watching videos of biggest celebrities. On the other side, users will able to watch videos without any advertisement.

In another report, The Wall Street Journal mentioned that the big media companies are about to adopt the subscription services as YouTube is working to convince biggest channel like Time Warner Inc., Fox Sports, NBC Universal, A+E Networks, Walt Disney and many more.

It has planned to charge users approximately $10 per month for some premium contents. Correspond to YouTube’s terms, the content creators will get 55% of the total subscription revenue. On their proposed rates, some big media companies have agreed and other are negotiating for changing the revenue split terms.

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