12-Year-Old Makes A Robot That Turns Watercolor Paintings Into Masterpieces

With the help of the latest technologies, robots are getting smarter and smarter. Earlier we have seen a robot sketching human portrait. This time, a 12-year-old girl named Sylvia Todd with the help of Evil Mad Scientist Labs has made a robot called Watercolor Bot that can turn watercolor paintings into masterpieces.

Watercolor Bot

Watercolor Bot paints watercolor paintings for you. It works much like an Etch-a-Sketch. The sketch is recorded in real time, via a USB connection and RoboPaint software downloaded to the computer. There are two motors built into the robot’s frame. The cords are attached to the rod to control the position of the brush.

Watercolor Bot Turns Watercolor Paintings Into Masterpieces

Right now Sylvia Todd and Evil Mad Scientist Labs are collecting money for their artistic machine for mass production through popular crowdfunding source Kickstarter. Watch the device in action below and tell us what do you think of this robot.

Source: Kickstarter
Thanks To: Mashable

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