DARPA Robotics Challenge Features An Exceptionally Strong Robot

We have seen some truly impressive robots in the recent past. But a new robot, unveiled at ongoing DARPA Robotics Challenge outdoes them all because it packs some extraordinary strength.

Schaft robot

The robot in question is built by Schaft, Japan and is participating in the DARPA Robotics Challenge in which the best robotics teams from around the globe compete. Schaft’s robot is quite unique because it’s a humanoid, is fairly heavy and still, is able to not only walk steadily but also balance itself on uneven surfaces.

It weighs 95 kg, which is a lot for a robot and comes with a wingspan of 1309 mm. Moreover, the robot measures a height of 1480 mm and is still being developed and evolved as the DARPA competition proceeds.

Schaft describes the robot in the following terms, “SCHAFT Inc. is building a bipedal robot based on mature hardware and software designed for its existing HRP-2 robot. SCHAFT will create an Intelligent Robot Kernel in which it will combine the necessary software modules for recognition, planning, motion generation, motion control and a user interface. The group will divide into three teams to execute the tasks: hardware design, software integration and scenario testing.”

In the video posted above, you can see the robot balance itself on a whole range of surfaces. It is able to do so without any external physical support and can also perform a number of tasks semi-autonomously. The DARPA competition features some very high-tech and cutting-edge robots this year and Schaft’s gear is sure to land among the top few.

Source: The Robotics Challenge

Courtesy: Business Insider

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