DHL Testing Drone To Deliver Medicine

It seems like in future, drones are going to be one of the vital transports. Earlier, we have seen a company using drones to deliver cake. On the other hand, Amazon is already ready using drones to deliver its packages to customers within 30 minutes. However, now we have come to know that Germany’s express delivery company Deutsche Post (DHL) is testing drone to deliver medicine in Germany.

DHL Using Drone To Deliver Medicine

The drone that DHL is using to test the delivery of medicine is called Paketkopter. This yellow colored is operated via remote-controlled. It can carry approximately six-and-a-half pounds (3 kg) and has four propellers.


A few months ago, Paketkopter flew with a package of medicine from a pharmacy in the city of Bonn to the company’s headquarters on the other side of the Rhine river. Two people controlled the drone using a remote control. The drone took 2 minutes to deliver the unnamed medicine. It flew at a height of 50 meters (164 feet) for 1 kilometer (.62 miles)

Paketkopter Drone

On the other side, a DHL manager regarding the test said, “We are at the beginning of the research project. It is an exciting bit of technology.”

Paketkopter Drone Before DHL Office

The Paketkopter drone maker has mentioned that it’ll try to send drones to a specified location using GPS alone. However, it is expected that Paketkopter will be used in delivering urgently needed goods such as medicine to remote locations in the future.

Thanks To: Daily Mail

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