How a Robot help kids with Autism

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Science has discovered many different things, but the robot is the best of them. A robot can do anything including teaching your child. Yes! A little robot named QTrobot from LuxAI is developed to help autistic children for learning and communicating.

QTrobot by LuxAI

The robot, which could be a better communication link between parents, therapists and autistic children. It has robotic arms and an LCD face that change expressions on its face, sound, colors and utilizes light to make games. As children like videos and pictures, it can also display those.

The QTrobot project comes from LuxAI, a spin-off of the University of Luxembourg. They have presented their findings at the RO-MAN 2018 conference.

“The robot has the ability to create a triangular interaction between the human therapist, the robot, and the child,” cofounder Aida Nazarikhorram told IEEE. “Immediately the child starts interacting with the educator or therapist to ask questions about the robot or give feedback about its behavior.”

How will the QTrobot work?

A parent or a caretaker will be able to easily control the robot using Bluetooth or can run autonomously. The robot can help a child like a good friend, teach how to identify colors through the game. It can also encourage the kid’s interest and creativity in learning, tract the child’s activity and progress from time to time so that parents or teachers can know their condition.

It has a 3D camera and full processor that’s why the QTrobot works like a human. The robot is a fully self-contained, easily programmable and runs for hours at a time.

The QTrobot’s researchers found that the robot doesn’t focus on therapy but alternatively helps the therapist to connect with the patient. This is really an outstanding outcome for a little technology.

Now, you can understand which is better for your child. A tablet or a robot. Obviously, the robot draws attention and improves in learning compare with other educational app or iPad. It’s a totally different way to get the child motivated and engaged.

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