JAMES: A Robot Bartender Understands Sign Language

Great news for bar customers, but bad news for bar staffs. Scientists have created a robot bartender called JAMES who can understand when you want a drink and can serve you much faster and more fairly than the bar staffs.

James Serving A Customer A Drink

JAMES stands for The Joint Action in Multimodal Embodied Systems. This bartender robot has a head that is actually a tablet and an arm. This robot can read your body language. So when you order a drink through waving your hand or any body movement (without saying a single word), JAMES understands that and serves you a drink as fast as possible.

Professor Dr. Jan de Ruiter, one of the researchers behind making JAMES has said, “In order to respond appropriately to its customers the robot must be able to recognize human social behavior.”

Here’s a video for you where James is showing you how it will respond and serve you when you will order for a drink.

However, the project JAMES started in 2011 and finally researchers at Bielefeld University in Germany in collaboration with Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas in Crete, Fortiss in Munich, and the University of Edinburgh have made JAMES. The EU has funded to develop JAMES.

Researchers have decided that they will keep JAMES on test until January 2014. They believe JAMES will help scientists and researchers to know how robots can assist people in meaningful ways. The researchers study has been published in Frontiers of Psychology.

Sources: Bielefeld UniversityJames Project

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