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Meet The Robot That Can Clear Away Snow From Roads

In those countries where snow falls every now and then, it’s impossible for a vehicle to move on without clearing the snows. This is done by both individual households and by governments and institutions. However, North Carolina robotics firm SuperDroid Robots has made a robot that can clear away the snow.

6-wheel Drive Remote Control Snowplough Robot

The said robot weighs about 400lbs and has 6 wheels. It comes with a pneumatic 52-inch plough blade. The robot has many options including chains for the wheels, cameras and WiFi access.

400lbs Snowplough Robot

Robo-plough has been built for internal use and the firm can also customize the plough for each user. It can run for two hours on two car batteries. The very notable thing of this robot is you can control it via a tablet or Dekstop PC. It costs $8,500.

Internal Mechanism Of Snowplough Robot

Susan Payne of SuperDroid Robots said, “It was a technology transfer project, we built a robot for the NY fire department, so we decided to put a fun twist on it. It’ll plow a parking lot on a single charge, and works best in 2-6 inches of snow.”

For more details, hit the link below. As of now, see a video of the robot.

Source: SuperDroid Robots

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